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Becoming A B.I.G. Leader - The Leader Deal
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Become a B.I.G. Leader

A B.I.G. leader has the opportunity to promote B.I.G. to the local community and become a vital partner with the community. Because of our unique structure, you become not just the leader of the women in your group, but also the trusted source for business information and networking. Your role, and the input you provide, adds huge value to B.I.G. members and to our organization.

Leader Job Description

Organize monthly B.I.G. meetings for local members to attend. Leaders are responsible for:

  • marketing B.I.G. in your community using approved marketing materials (e-mail invitations, flyers, press releases etc., which are provided) to promote B.I.G. to your community and to communicate with members and potential members about B.I.G. meetings and events
  • securing a meeting location that can hold 20 – 25 comfortably
  • hosting and facilitating the monthly meetings, centered around the B.I.G. monthly theme (provided by B.I.G. HQ)
  • securing subject matter experts on the monthly topic whether a single speaker or a panel from among your member network
  • promote and encourage participation of B.I.G. members at all B.I.G. functions, including teleconference calls, showcase events, networking events, other pod meetings, etc.

Leaders will advance the B.I.G. concept to local markets. They are responsible for obtaining content for their Local Web page on the website Leaders will be able to work together, along with B.I.G. HQ, to launch and grow their local pods.

Qualities of a B.I.G. Leader

  • Exceptional at motivating, empowering, and organizing whether through a work or volunteer setting
  • Able to initiate and implement activities that forward the B.I.G. network
  • Proactive attitude

What is in it for you

  • Recognized leader in your community
  • Local Network opportunities for your own Business/Business idea
  • National Networking opportunities with other community Pod leaders nationwide

Your Commitment

  • Organize and lead monthly meetings (find speakers, location, etc., be responsible for running the monthly meeting)
  • Facilitate communications (invites/follow-up to meetings; local web page content)
  • B.I.G. would like leaders to commit to 12 months


The B.I.G. Leader Package

Leaders must become members of B.I.G. and will receive a discounted rate for membership -$175 for an annual membership (regular annual membership is $199). This amount is non-refundable and is used solely for the training of our leaders.

All Leaders are paid based on member dues in their pod that were paid during the calendar month that they are Leader.

Compensation is paid monthly based on the members of record for each calendar month.

Checks will be cut on the last day of each month and mailed to the Leader within the first 10 days of the following month.

Leaders are Independent Consultants of B.I.G. and must sign the B.I.G. Independent Contractor Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement along with a W-9 in order to receive payment. All taxes and tax reporting are the responsibility of the Independent Consultant – B.I.G. Leader. B.I.G. will issued a 1099 based on their income (not including rental expense) for the year.

Facility Stipend: B.I.G. will help cover the costs of a meeting location. We will pay up to $25 maximum of the location fee if your pod has less than 15 members, up to $35 of the location fee if your pod has 15-20 members and up to $45 – if your pod has greater than 20 members. Proof of rental fee must be submitted on a timely basis (monthly) along with an expense report in order for reimbursement to occur.Reimbursement will be included with your monthly compensation.

Member Check-in at meetings: You will need help at the start of each meeting to check in all members and register any new members. A half price annual membership ($99.50) will be available to the person you select to help you with this activity. This assistant can also help you with some of the administrative tasks that are required. Your assistant will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement as well.

Some Leaders choose to "co-lead” a pod. In this event the share arrangement must be documented in writing: e.g. compensation will be split 50/50. This letter must be signed by both pod leaders and returned to B.I.G. HQ along with the Independent Contractor agreement, a W-9, and a confidentiality agreement for both leaders.


Next Steps

Once we receive your paperwork and payment, we will send you a Leader Kit which is our manual. It contains a basic "how-to” for our leaders. A Leader Training Specialist will be assigned to you and help guide you through the self directed training process and help you select a location and a date for launch.

We will provide you with all the information that you need (including providing you with sample email invitations, press releases and other documents necessary for the check-in process at your launch meeting and subsequent meetings) to grow a successful pod!

Help is always available from your Leader Training Specialist or HQ. Leaders must also plan to be part of and participate in regular training sessions, conference calls, etc. that will facilitate their role as leader. These training sessions are offered on a regular basis for computer training (website), motivational tips and tools and marketing information to promote B.I.G. in the community.

SHOULD YOU WANT B.I.G. BUSINESS CARDS WITH YOUR POD NAME, WE WOULD BE HAPPY TO ORDER THEM AT A REDUCED COST FOR YOU. THE COST IS $20 FOR 250 CARDS, INCLUDING SHIPPING. Please be sure to let your Leader Training Specialist know that you are interested in ordering them once you have your paperwork in.

Ready to become B.I.G. Leader now? Click here to get started!


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