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B.I.G. 2010 Scholarship Information and Application



The B.I.G. Scholarship-2010

The B.I.G Scholarship recipient will receive a cash award of at least $350.00.

B.I.G is a business networking group for women founded in Bernardsville, NJ -- a growing community of intelligent, creative and entrepreneurial women who want to share their business ideas and build upon their dreams.

B.I.G. has created a scholarship program to benefit female high school entrepreneurs. The scholarship recognizes a high school female senior who shows exemplary entrepreneurial skills, strives to be a future leader in business and seeks financial independence.

B.I.G. appreciates the value of entrepreneurship and the power of self-sufficiency.Girls today are growing up with more options than in generations past and face the world with a lessening sense of co-dependency. By offering this scholarship, B.I.G. wants to emphasize the importance of maintaining financial independence.


· Minimum GPA of 3.5

· Participation in community service activities

· Teacher recommendation-100 words or less describing attributes and ambition

· Senior female

· Must be a resident of Bernardsville, Bedminster, Peapack-Gladstone or Basking Ridge


  • ·Applicant will create a 1-2 page business plan. Participants should organize their Business Plan utilizing the application   and outline found below
  • ·Company can be in business plan stage or an actual entity
  • Finalists will be chosen based on their submission of the Business Plan and will be asked to
  • make a short presentation to B.I.G. Scholarship Committee.

Submit application to: The B.I.G. Scholarship Committee-P.O. Box 51-Bernardsville, NJ 07924











Last Name:________________________________________________


First Name: ________________________________________________


Date of Birth: ______________________________________________


Home Address: _____________________________________________




Home Phone: ______________________________________________


Names of Parents or Guardians: ______________________________


High School Attending: ______________________________________


Guidance Counselor: ________________________________________


Community Activities: _______________________________________








Business Plan Outline


Vision: Describe your business. Include geographic scope, type of business, product or service offering and description of your target market. What are you building?

Mission: Describe why your business exists in one-two sentences. What is the purpose of the business? Why does your business exist?

Objectives: List 4-8 goals that the business must achieve to be successful. What measurable results are important to the success of the business?

Strategies: Describe 4-8 things that the business must do in order to be successful. Define how the business will be built and managed. How will you build the business?

Tactics: What are the 4-8 specific projects that must be successfully completed to implement the strategies listed above. These are short-term tactical tasks and programs. What is the work to be done?

Financials/Budget: Outline the expenses that are necessary to build the business. Marketing and operations costs should be included. Also include how pricing of your product and/or service is defined. Does your idea make financial sense? What will it cost to bring the product/service to market?

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