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We’re Better Together.

We Support women's entire lives

We recognize that women are capable of amazing things. We raise families. We build and run incredible businesses. And through our valiant efforts, we make the world a better place. We don’t live our lives in silos.

As the nurturers on the planet, we intertwine our personal and professional lives all day, every day.

We understand you because we are you. We know that in order for you to move your entrepreneurial goals forward, build your small business or advance your professional pursuits, the rest of your life needs to be supported first.


At B.I.G., we inspire each other.


Our safe and supportive environments enable us to thrive.

B.I.G. unequivocally denounces any form of racism. We will continue to stand strong and together as a community against discrimination and attitudes that marginalized communities.

B.I.G. will continue to empower women of different races and nationalities with an invigorated mission of empowering all women to reach their full potential.


Our “Better Together” Partnerships enable us to offer our members the information they need to move their lives forward. Click any of our Partners' photos below to learn more about them, their work, and see how they are aligned with the B.I.G mission.


Sandra Fava

Family Law Partner
Fox Rothschild


Candi Sterling

Personal Brand Strategy Partner
Founder of On Her Misson


Jennifer Baillie

Senior Care Partner
Next Stage Senior Guidance


Gina Ference

Financial Partner
OneTeam Financial


Constantina Koulosousas

Trust & Estates Partner
Wacks & Associates, LLC


Ali Meehan

Global Partner
Costa Women

One Great model, two great opportunities

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