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The B.I.G. Better Together Initiative
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At B.I.G., we strive to offer our members the inspiration, community, and tools needed to move your life’s goals forward. The B.I.G. “Better Together” Initiative is our newest effort to showcase the magic of what happens when women work together to support other women.


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B.I.G. Members Create An Advisory Board

Posted By B.I.G. HQ, Monday, October 29, 2018
I have been a member of BIG for over 7 years and B.I.G. has introduced me to so many amazing women, many of which who have become part of my tribe. A group of us created an "Advisory Board" where we meet in person to share our business accomplishments, challenges and questions. Each of us are in different industries from coaching to personal styling to photography but we all share a passion to create a business of our own while raising our families. Not only do we offer support but also act as accountability partners pushing one another to our big goals. We chat about all things from clients to home life. We share, we dream, we vent and we cheer each other on. This inner circle of business besties has been a life saver to me and a key to much of my success. My book, my program launches, my workshops...all have been a product of this advisory board. I feel so much more confident knowing they have my back and I would be lost without them! 

-Mallika Malhotra of Miki Foto & Co 


Featuring: Joy Chang, Jennifer Brosnick, Emily Brosnick, Priya Virmani 


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3 Gather More Potential Clients Then 1

Posted By B.I.G. HQ, Monday, October 29, 2018

Since Evelyn Cucchiara, Lisa DiSciullo, and Lisa Sanderson all have businesses involving families, together they created an event to be held at a local church.

"The plan was to attract multiple families by combining our mailing lists. The result was more people, less work since we divided the tasks up, and a well rounded program. And we didn't have to entertain the crowd all alone - we each got 30 minutes to speak. The result was a packed house and future business for all of us. We truly were better together!" - Evelyn Cucchiara

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Mother & Daughter Skin Care Class

Posted By Administration, Friday, September 7, 2018

Shared by Melina Stapfer Crabtree:


 I am lucky enough to be having my event in Jennifer Watt's (Morristown Pod Leader) lovely yoga room at Avalon Wellness Center in Morristown! 

Jen and I met through our "Mompreneurs" networking group led by Jennifer Bronsnick. Jen also works with my amazing birth doula, Lori McCoy. Jen loves the wellness products from Sunrider, the company that I partner with in my business. Jen introduced me to the BIG Morristown Pod and I am so happy for that!


After building this relationship and receiving support from my B.I.G. sisters I am able to host my Mother & Daughter Skin Care Class. 


Jennifer Louziotis (Madison/ Chatham Pod) and Gretchen Burman (Summit Pod) attended my last mom & daughter skin care class event with their daughters and loved it.


I love sharing my passion & wellness business with the support of my B.I.G. sisters. 

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Strong Woman, Stronger Assets

Posted By B.I.G. HQ , Saturday, August 11, 2018

Shared by B.I.G. Member Peggy Delong: 

At one of our pod meetings, a fellow pod member showed the group a bracelet that I made for her called The Thin Blue Line Flag Bracelet. Her son is a police officer, and I included her son's badge number in the bracelet. Jessica saw it, and it resonated with her, as her husband is also a police officer. Jessica asked me to make one for her too. Then some time passed, and Jessica thought of the idea of having me design and make a bracelet to match the cover of her book, Strong Woman, Stronger Assets, and to match her message of helping women be strong financially. We collaborated and came up with The Strong Bracelet. The colors go perfectly with her book cover, and the message on the card with the meaning of the gemstones perfectly matches her vision for women. Jessica has already gifted 50 women with these Strong Bracelets. And the story does not end there! Jessica realized that we both help women become strong, but in different ways. She works with financial health, and I work with emotional/psychological health. She then invited me to come to her office to do a presentation together - helping women be their best STRONG selves, financially, emotionally, and psychologically. Jessica focused on the financial part, and I focused on three factors that have been associated with emotional strength - Happiness, Resilience, and Gratitude. And it still does not end there! Jessica then invited me to be a guest blogger, and I wrote an article for her website - "Three Keys to Being Your Best STRONG Self - Happiness, Resilience, and Gratitude. We are having so much fun working together.

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B.I.G. Leaders & Mother/Daughter Duo Create Change!

Posted By B.I.G. HQ, Saturday, August 11, 2018

Introducing Montclair Pod Leader Diana Polack and Founder of ArtWare For Good. 


ArtWare for Good supports non-profits in raising funds through the universal language of art. 


This summer Diana traveled to Cambodia on behalf of The Lady Savant Foundation to their first sponsored school to install over 400 art tiles. These tiles, created and sold state side, raised funds to support the publishing and distribution of over 1,000 ABC picture books. 


Supporting her on this journey was her daughter Nell Conway, B.I.G Millburn & Morristown Pod Leader as well as Jeanine Pollizi former NYC Pod Leader. 


Together they worked directly with the schools principal and teachers to explore the school and meet and inspire the students. During their visit Nell Conway facilitated an art class which truly embodied ArtWar for Good's mission to create change through the universal language of art.  



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