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Discovering and embracing our unique attributes is part of every women's life journey.  And one of the first goals that must be accomplished along this life adventure is to find and embrace your own very special voice.

For women, the planet's nurturers, this assignment isn't always an easy one.  We put so many others' needs before ourselves. We hear so many others' voices louder than our own.  But a life is not fully realized unless and until your voice - your very reason for being - is acknowledged and heard.

The great poet  Maya Angelou, so eloquently wrote, "But a caged bird stands on the grave of dreams."  We must each work to overcome our fears and free ourselves from the obstacles that keep us quiet in order to achieve our goals and live our purpose.

That is why, I am so excited to support and embrace the wonderful initiative ignited by Katharine Gilpin, along with Diane Marie Ford, two of our B.I.G. Massachusetts pod leaders.  It's the fulfillment of a calling to create a very special book series that will feature the stories - the voices - of many of our B.I.G. members and the women of their communities.

Some of these stories will be joyful. Others may be heartbreaking. But I am confident that this wonderful collection of women's discoveries and revelations will create a "symphony" of inspiration and empowerment for women throughout the globe.

Please read Katharine's personal story below.  If it moves you, as it did me, we then invite you to move forward on your own personal journey and take the next step with us in the production of this very special initiative. 



Around 3:00 am on August 23rd, 1992, a friend of mine was stabbed to death in her home.

Before my friend, KD, died she managed to dial 911.

The over-night emergency responder could not understand her whispered cry for help and hung up on her.

It wasn’t until later that same morning when the supervisor, who was reviewing the calls, realized they had overlooked the obvious – my friend’s call for help.

KD’s tragedy shook me to my core. It connected me with the unexpressed pain I had been bearing my entire life. You see, I was raised to believe “children should be seen and not heard”. I had always felt what I had to say was not important, so I didn’t speak out, believing no one wanted to hear what I had to say. 

Through KD’s tragedy I discovered these beliefs had been hindering me and holding me back from fully expressing myself from a young age.

August 23rd, 2017 will mark 25 years since I was shaken to my core - my beliefs challenged. I have traveled a great distance mentally, physically, spirituality and emotionally; shaping my career to focus on how to best express myself while helping others to fully express themselves.

Fueling my passion through a combination of body-oriented psychotherapy, massage, bodywork and sound therapy, I have continued to hone my expertise to promote healing and guide others in the art of self-expression to free themselves from pain on all levels.

After decades of my own healing and self-development I have recently been led to a new venture focusing on the power of self-expression through writing; a natural complement to my current passion and services. 

I am launching a series of collaborative books written by women and for women, entitled In Your Own Words Women, in partnership with Diane Marie Ford and endorsed by Believe Inspire Grow, a women’s empowerment organization. This project involves the creation and building of a community of women who will speak up, express themselves, and be heard through the power of the written word.

The book series kicks off with "If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now” Women’s Stories of Discovery. It is with great excitement I invite you to join us in creating this community of self-expressed women by choosing to write for us.

BONUS: As a special incentive during the month of September each new B.I.G. member will be gifted $50 to be applied when she registers to write and share her story in “If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now” Women’s Stories of Discovery.

For more information about the mission and vision and how you can participate in and support In Your Own Words Women, please go to www.InYourOwnWordsWomen.com

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