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Interviewing Tips: Preparing for the Interview
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Interviewing Tips: The Real Meaning Behind the Questions:


  1. TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF…. Initial answer: how long do we have?...LOL · The real meaning of the question is the interviewer is testing your ability to interact with others. By putting you on the spot, your answer lets the interviewer see how you present yourself in social setting and gets a glimpse of what you think are the most important facts about yourself.

  2. WHAT ARE YOUR GREATEST WEAKNESSES? Do they really expect you to be honest here? "Well to be honest I procrastinate about everything!” · The real meaning: The interviewer is trying to see how honest you are and if you are able to overcome obstacles. E.G. If you say, I have trouble multi-tasking, then you give examples about how you overcome that obstacle, you will be impressive to the interviewer.

  3. WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN FIVE YEARS? On a beach in the Bahamas? · Real Meaning: It’s a chance for you to speak of your long-term goals, give the company a better idea of your career development plan and how you could progress in the company. Gives you a chance to speak about your strengths and highlight areas where you expect to grow the most.

  4. WHY DO YOU WANT TO WORK FOR THIS COMPANY? Because the alternative is to live in the streets?? Seems redundant – or you wouldn’t be interviewing there. · Interviewer is trying to gauge your motives for applying. For the paycheck? To escape your current situation? It’s a way for the interviewer to weed out those who are interviewing for the wrong reasons.

  5. WHAT ARE YOUR HOBBIES? Playing video games during work hours. What does this have to do with a job interview? · They are trying to get a more complete picture of what kind of person you are. Your personal time could reflect what kind of employee you are. E.G. An outdoor company like Timberland, may like to know that you like hiking, etc.

  6. HOW WOULD YOUR CO-WORKERS DESCRIBE YOU? They are trying to see how you think others see you. Even if you are stretching the truth, your answer will give insight to how you view yourself and what you believe are your most important attributes. It could also be a bit of a modesty test comparing those embarrassed about themselves with those who talk too much.

  7. WHY DO YOU WANT TO LEAVE YOUR CURRENT JOB? 5 Year Old Answer: Because I don’t like it. · Real Meaning: They are trying to make sure that whatever reason you are leaving your current job, doesn’t happen with them. If you don’t get along with your boss, are you a problem employee? Best answer: To emphasize how your current job doesn’t fulfill your career goals and explain how this new position can help you grow.


  • I have inspected my clothes and there are no stains, rips or fraying. Shoes are polished.

  • I will leave my cell phone off during the interview.

  • I have a business card and perhaps a professional folder containing a copy of my resume, reference list, letters of
    reference, a list of questions, pen and paper.

  • I have investigated exactly how I am going to get to the place of the interview and where I am going to park (if necessary).

  • I have blank thank-you cards and stamps and I am ready to write and send a letter to the interviewer within 24 hours.

  • I have researched the company and the job description. I have prepared some questions to ask my interviewer.

  • I am ready to prove that I am career focused and want to establish a career within the industry.

  • I have figured out how my past experience and skills, strengths, abilities and interests are relevant and useful to this company.

  • I have structured my answers to anticipated interview questions to ensure these key competencies are addressed.

  • I know exactly what I am going to say when asked, "tell me about yourself” in about 30 seconds.
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