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B.I.G. Member Matchmaker FAQs
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How do I claim your profile?

-Navigate to B.I.G. Member Matchmaker

-Using search box - Search your first & last name

-Select your name

-Click “Is This Your Profile”


How do I create password?

-After searching for your name and selecting “Is this your profile” you will be prompted to create the password of your choice. We recommend using the same as your B.I.G. Membership Log In


What are the profile fields?

Listing Title: Your Name & Professional Title
Listing Level: Based on your membership type
Categories: Your POD (Click select to choose your categories)
Summary Description: Brief description shown when searching for profiles
Description: Long description use this spot to share your personal & professional bio
Keywords for search: Input your 10 Keywords (Similar to Hashtags) that describe you and your business, these words are used in the search function, the more specific the word the more likely a fellow women will find your profile


>Health, Wellness, Beauty, Coaching, Empowerment, Salon, Spa, Women, New Jersey, Look Your Best

>Business, Marketing, Website, Design, Logo Design,

>Interior Design, Colors, Palette, Design, Home, Home Improvement
Contact Information: This information is visible to all members

Additional Information: This information is visible to all members  

SEO: This will allow for increased searchability

Cover Image: This is a header image used in the same way as a Facebook cover photo - for the best visibility use a .jpeg, gif, or png that is 1920 x 480px


Photo Gallery: This is where you should upload for headshot and other photos that help share you and your business for the best visibility use a .jpeg, gif, or png that is 1024 x 768px

What happens after I fill in my profile?

B.I.G. HQ will be notified & will take 24 hours to approve your listing


After starting my profile, can I leave and return?

Yes, you can continue editing after first submission is approved by B.I.G. HQ within 24 Hours


How do I log-in to end my profile?

Select Member Login at the top right hand corner of the page - use the username and password you created when claiming your profile.


Who has access to the B.I.G. Member Matchmaker?

Only active members of B.I.G.

How will fellow members find my profile?

By searching by name, location, pod, keyword/tag


If I cancel my membership can I still use the B.I.G. Member Matchmaker?

No, this a bonus feature for active members only




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