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B.I.G. Marketing Services - Sample Script
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Presented March 13, 2017


B.I.G. will produce (film and edit) a three (3) minute video featuring life coach Tracey Gutierrez that will be installed as a key element on TGLifeCoach.com.  


The video will be designed to speak to stay at home moms who are seeking to re-invent themselves and re-enter the workforce in a meaningful way.

The theme for this video will be “A coffee chat with Tracey.”


Section 1:     You have a right to be happy

  • Before you left the workforce you had a life that focused on you and your career;

  • Once you have a family your life’s priorities shift to taking care of others – often at the expense of your own personal happiness

  • Your family will truly be happier if you are happier

Section 2:   Discover your purpose

  • After being out of the workforce for a few years and focusing on our family’s needs, we can forget what we love about life and what we’re genuinely passion about

  • I have the great fortune of discovering real tools that are specifically designed to help women like us identify and discover our unique gifts and life’s purpose

  • I can’t wait to share what I know through the “Now What” program with every woman I meet.  This proven and successful program offers women the tools they need to map out the next steps on their life journey

Section 3: Experience True Freedom

  • There is a viable path to achieving a deeply meaningful and happy life that includes creating a fulfilling career and a vibrant life for you and your family.

  • When your career and life’s vision are aligned, you are able to create your ideal life that combines personal fulfillment with family time and fun!   It’s a fabulous thing to watch in the women I have worked with.

  • And when this happens, you can experience something you may not have felt in your life in a long, long time……true freedom

Section 4: You’re Not Alone

  • There are thousands and thousands of women seeking a way to find true happiness in their lives.

  • One that helps them to be an amazing mom AND offers them a way to be professional fulfilled and validated.

  • Many think there’s no solution.   But I know there is.  I spent years researching and investigating how women could find live a life of “well rounded” happiness.  

  • Well, I found it and I am passionate and thrilled to have the opportunity to share it.  

  • Because I was one of those moms who wanted more than my “my stay at home” life and now I get to be happy in my life by helping other women discover how to happy in theirs!

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