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The B.I.G. Vlog Network


Share Your Gifts & Showcase Your Talents to the World

At B.I.G., we believe every woman has gifts and talents that deserve to be shared with the world.  

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce The B.I.G. Vlog Network. This ever-expanding & vibrant digital platform embraces the power of VIDEO to help you market and sell your products & services to the world. 

We know that when women support women, the world becomes a better place.  At B.I.G., our culture is one of support, safety, know, like and trust. Our women embrace this culture and authentically want to build each other up and help each other move forward on life’s journey.

We champion each other.

We ignite each other’s passions.

Help each other thrive and excel.

Through The B.I.G. Vlog Network, we can gain more in depth information and get a glimpse into each other’s personality thanks to an engaging video platform. Now, we can identify a need we have in our lives – whether it’s for our family, our business or ourselves - and have it easily answered by a member of our B.I.G. sisterhood.
We are fortunate to have some of the world’s most talented and discerning women business owners as B.I.G. pod members, leaders, supporters and advocates.  Our women offer a vast array of products and services all designed to improve and enhance your life.
Whether you are passionate to share your opportunities with the women of B.I.G. or are simply seeking something to enhance your life or the life of someone you care about, The B.I.G. Vlog Network is sure to be an amazing resource for you.

Built To Support & Enhance The Key Areas of Your Life

We understand that as women, you have a lot of people counting on you.  Sometimes, you come last on your own priority list.  We want to ease your daily responsibilities to all the people you support by giving you a comprehensive resource to help you in all key areas of your life.

The Entrepreneurship Channel will house the many resources and services you may need from your fellow B.I.G. women to move your business goals forward.  From branding to sales to money management, the talented women of B.I.G. have the information and talent to need to help your business become more viable and profitable.
In this fast paced world, it’s more important than ever to take the time you need for self-care and wellness.  The women of B.I.G. understand that and offer an array of products, programs and opportunities under the Wellness & Self Care Channel to enable you to “put your oxygen mask on first.”
We are nurturers by nature.  That’s why we must always have access to the resources available to us that will enable us to properly care for those in our lives that depend upon us.  The Relationship Channel is designed to do just that.

Home is our haven.  But, it can also be an endless burden to maintain and care for properly.  The Home Channel brings the many talented women of B.I.G. – including our experienced realtors, home organizers, insurance experts and interior designers – all in one place to give you a wealth of information sure to please anyone’s tastes or budgets.

It’s a fact.  Women with money have more choices than those without.  That’s why The Marketplace Channel is available to offer women the opportunity to sell and purchase beautiful products and thought-provoking services from each other.




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