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We Are All On a Journey.

At B.I.G., we bring women together in safe and supportive environments to explore their passions and embrace their gifts and talents. We provide the inspiration, community and tools for women at any stage of their personal journey to achieve their unique goals and aspirations.

We exist to create communities of women who are seeking their purpose and passion to live a fulfilled life.

We know that when women support women, the world becomes a better place.  At B.I.G., our culture is one of support, safety, knowledge, collaboration and trust. Our women embrace this culture and genuinely & authentically want to build each other up and help each other succeed.  

We champion each other.

We ignite each other’s passions.

We help each other thrive and excel.

B.I.G. Pod Meetings - Our Cornerstone Offering

The world can be a difficult place.  

You deserve a safe haven to explore your thoughts and ideas.   You have a right to surround yourself with supportive women who are genuine champions for your success and happiness. 

At B.I.G. pod meetings, you will experience face-to-face support from a like-minded tribe of your peers. You will experience validation, authenticity and encouragement.

That’s because we embrace a culture that believes every woman has special gifts and talents and that the power of a community of women working together is an unstoppable force in making the world a better place.

What is a Pod Meeting Like?

Pod meetings are held monthly at more than 20 locations throughout the northeast.  As a member of B.I.G., you are given access to your home pod meetings & events as well as the option to upgrade to all-access and Pod Hop on an unlimited basis. As a Pod Hopper, you are able to attend all

pod meetings – any time, any place, with no geographic limits – and you will always be warmly welcomed and supported as a valued part of our B.I.G “sisterhood.”

Why Pods?

Pods are vessels where seedlings grow.  At B.I.G., we encourage our members to not just grow, but thrive.  

Moreover, some of the most intelligent female creatures on the planet – including dolphins, whales and elephants – group together in “pods” to effectively circumvent life’s obstacles. We embrace the term “pod” to best represent the environments we offer to our women of B.I.G.


Click below to take an inside peek at a typical B.I.G. pod meeting experience.


Beyond The Pod.

Our Member Matchmaker 

The B.I.G. Member Matchmaker is a revolutionary way to make an impact with your fellow B.I.G. members and share your fabulous passions, products and services.

And with its simple and easy to use search function, you can connect with all the women you want to meet anywhere in the vast and ever-expanding B.I.G. organization.

Best of all, this fabulous B.I.G. Member Matchmaker connection system is included with all active B.I.G. memberships!

We are so proud and excited to bring you this amazing and powerful way to showcase your unique gifts and talents. We want you to see and be seen!

Overcoming Obstacles - International Think Tank

Our International Think Tank brings together the women of B.I.G. and the women of Spain’s Costa Women.

We will explore and brainstorm opportunities, obstacles, visions and dreams with unlimited possibilities in this members’ only initiative. There will also be a shared closed Facebook group among the participants to keep the conversations going between sessions. 


Our Private Facebook Groups

It’s a remarkable time to be a part of the digital world.  

With a touch of a button, Facebook gives us easy access to connect with each other to share ideas, offer information and refer trusted resources.  

At B.I.G., we utilize the popular Facebook platform to keep our members connected 24/7. We provide our members with exclusive access to local, regional and network-wide closed Facebook groups giving the opportunity to experience ongoing collaboration, congratulations and celebration of all their "B.I.G. life moments" with their fellow B.I.G. sisters. Together we are able to provide the ongoing support women need to stay positive and achieve their dreams.  
See just a sample of the many supportive Facebook posts shared among our B.I.G. members.


Our App

By bringing B.I.G. directly to the phones of all our members and potential members, we are making it incredibly easy to: market the essence of B.I.G.; help all women easily find upcoming meetings; showcase fun photos from our latest meetings and events; access the B.I.G. website, Vlog Network & Member Matchmaker.


Available in the App Store & Google Play  


B.I.G. Financial Wellness & The 2018 Financial Courage Awards

For many women, taking financial risks can be one of our biggest fears and one of the primary reasons why we do not pursue our life's dreams. It can rock our security.  That’s why when women muster the courage to face our financial fears and tackle our challenges and obstacles, it’s time to celebrate. Through courage, fitness and empowerment B.I.G. supports women on every stage of their journey. 

Click here to explore our 2018 Award Recipients. 





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