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Founder and CEO


She’s a master connector. She’s been called a visionary. She has dedicated more than a decade helping women live their best lives. She believes that every woman has gifts and talents that deserve to be shared with the world. And she professes that when women work together to support and empower each other, we make the world a better place.


Tara spent the early part of her career, after graduating from Boston College as a political science major, working in Boston politics and building national consumer brands at a national advertising agency. Whether it was marketing luxury leather products for The Timberland Company, doing the ball drop on New Year’s Eve with Sylvania Lighting or working to help launch Eddie Bauer’s Lewis & Clark collection, Tara worked tirelessly to help build positive brand personalities for all her clients.


Like millions of women, Tara left the workforce to raise her children. While motherhood is a special gift, it can also be lonely, all-consuming and a time in life where you can easily lose your personal passion and your mojo. After seeing a bumper sticker on a teacher’s car that read “Remember Who You Wanted to Be,” her life changed. She knew she had to act.

So, she sent a simple email to the women of her community -- smart women like her who still had dreams for their lives -- with a message titled “We’re Still Smart.” That simple act was the catalyst for the start of B.I.G. More than 40 women came to Tara’s living room to share their hopes and dreams. It was abundantly clear these talented yet unfulfilled women were seeking a tribe of like-minded, intellectually stimulating women. Tara now knew what she had to do, and so B.I.G. was born.


To date, B.I.G. has attracted thousands of members throughout the country and has established long-standing relationships with women entrepreneurs in Spain and throughout Europe.


An accomplished speaker, Tara enjoys bringing her passionate empowerment message to live audiences and on popular women’s podcasts and webinars. She has been a featured presenter for Chambers of Commerce, The Boston College Council for Women, New Jersey’s Conference for Women and numerous other venues.


When not empowering women, Tara works to connect business professionals as the Founder of The VIP Exchange.


Self-Care: Traveling to sunny places with family and friends; women retreats, yoga, beginner meditation, energy work, belly laughing with my girlfriends.

Best Cheat Treat: Chocolate peanut butter ice cream from Hoffman’s

Dream Dinner Guest: Michelle Obama


Click here to learn more about Tara.


Vice President 


She’s an energetic powerhouse with a passion for leadership and development. She’s wise beyond her years. She’s an enthusiastic team player who consistently motivates others to achieve their goals. She’s unwaveringly dedicated to making women’s lives better.


As B.I.G.’s Vice President of Marketing and Operations, Brittni keeps the wheels on the track. She makes certain that B.I.G. leaders, members, and future members are fully aware of the limitless life and business-building opportunities the organization and its amazing women have to offer. She takes heroic efforts to make our business partners shine.


A top graduate of Montclair State University, Brittni first ignited her passion by pairing her marketing degree with a Certificate in Entrepreneurship.


Brittni believes people do their best work and are able to make their largest impact when they work on things they believe in. That’s why she is such an advocate for women’s empowerment.


Self-Care: Anything with her pup, Misty. The gym. Yoga. Travel. Energy work.

Cheat Treat: Honestly, anything peanut butter and chocolate or sea salt and caramel. 

Dream Dinner Guest: Ashley Horner

Click here to connect with Brittni on LinkedIn.

Watch this motivational video to learn a little more about Brittni! 


Lead Designer

A gifted creative. A devoted team player. She always raises the bar. She’s as patient as a saint. She always brings her “best game.”


Svenja transforms all the visual elements of B.I.G. into a pleasurable feast for the eyes.


Svenja translates B.I.G. HQ’s endless ideas, event concepts, product offerings, and initiatives into crystal clear visual presentations. Her beautiful, professional designs elevate B.I.G.’s brand image to amazing heights. She does this almost magically as if she can see the vision in our minds and then she enhances it to a work of art -- and always with a smile.


Her authentic passion for showcasing women entrepreneurs and elevating them to be their best can be found in the production of Svenja’s brainchild, The Stories of Women who Believe. Inspire. Grow. This extraordinary book featuring the stories and visual images of more than 30 passionate B.I.G. women entrepreneurs represents Svenja’s amazing design talents and her commitment to empowering women.


Self-Care: Running with the dogs, Hot Yoga or Ice Baths, sitting at the beach in the Bahamas, drawing

Best Cheat Treat: Nutella

Dream Dinner Guest:  Rich Roll


Click here to learn more about Svenja.


Marketing Project Manager

There’s not an obstacle she won’t tackle. Strong bodybuilder with the gentle nature of a lamb. Seeks to live an authentic life that helps change people’s lives for the better. Eager. All-in hard worker. Preparing to conquer the world.

As B.I.G's Marketing Project Manager, Mia plays an important behind-the-scenes role. She creates innovative marketing and promotional materials for the B.I.G. events you love!

Mia is a competitive bodybuilder and dancer who has performed in many reputable venues, including Carnegie Hall. Mia is proudly the Secretary of the Montclair State University, Feliciano Women in Businss Organization. She became involved with B.I.G. through her interest in entrepreneurship, women's empowerment, and self-improvement.

Self-Care: Dancing my heart out and spending time with family

Best Cheat Treat: Doughnuts

Dream Dinner Guest: Angelica Teixeira 2x Ms.Bikini Olympia


Leader Support

She's a relationship builder. With her background in social work, she's always striving to help others be their best. She has dedicated almost two decades to helping women look and feel their most beautiful inside and out and is passionate about enriching the lives of others. 

Stephanie is head of our Leader Support team at BIG HQ. She is also a successful Independent Mary Kay Sales Director with over 18 years of experience teaching skin care and color application to women of all ages while also coaching women on building their own Mary Kay businesses. 


Stephanie is proud to be associated with both a company (Mary Kay) and an organization (B.I.G.) that empower women while also providing a safe place to grow, learn and share. 


Self-Care: Yoga, meditation, reading, going anywhere near an ocean and visiting her daughters in Maryland and Virginia.

Best Cheat Treat: Dark chocolate

Dream Dinner Guest: Mary Kay Ash


Copywriter & Editor

She's a true "word nerd" with a marketing background. Fanatical about spelling and grammar, Mary says good writing is like a perfectly polished outfit (but typos are like a run in your tights). She's on a mission to make everything she writes be as impeccable as a chic little black dress. 


Mary is often behind the scenes at B.I.G. HQ, editing newsletters, tweaking website copy or crafting the occasional email. She also edited The Stories of Women who Believe.Inspire.Grow. in 2019, and played a major role in B.I.G.'s Financial Courage Awards in 2018, writing around 140 Facebook posts featuring our many nominees in several categories.


She loves to write but also has an artsy side and works well with artists, photographers, graphic designers, illustrators and other creatives. She "gets them" and they get her right back. 

Self-Care:  Spa Day, indie movies, hipster music, long walks, yoga & dance 

Best Cheat Treat: very dark chocolate (many stashes all over the house)

Dream Dinner Guest: Tina Fey


Designer & Site Support

She's an illustrator, designer and maker-of-things. She is a diligent artist, and seeks to learn and improve with every step she takes. She loves to jump at opportunities that excite her, and help lift others up in the process.


After graduating with a BFA in Illustration from Montclair State University and participating in the Transatlantic Entrepreneurship Academy, Robyn was excited by the idea that she could combine her love for design and illustration with her passion for supporting other women. Her thesis project illustrating the experiences of survivors of sexual assault only made her more passionate about building up and supporting other women. Robyn got lucky when one of her favorite professors introduced her to Brittni, which led to an opportunity to work with B.I.G. HQ. Ever since, she has been keeping busy with B.I.G., teaching art to students across Northern NJ and creating commissioned work. 


As B.I.G.'s Designer and Site Support pro, Robyn makes sure that every special event, networking breakfast and member offer is live on the website for all to enjoy! 


Self-Care: Spending time with loved ones, dinner at Ani Ramen, snuggling with cats. 

Best Cheat Treat: Matcha Bubble Tea

Dream Dinner Guest: Maggie Rogers

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