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Why B.I.G.?



 Our Mission

B.I.G. is a women's empowerment organization that offers women the inspiration, community, and tools they need to move their lives forward both personally & professionally.  

B.I.G. exists to help women unlock their true potential and live the lives they are meant to live.  We provide the inspiration, tools and community to help women every day become the best versions of themselves.  We create safe environments and offer face-to-face support from a like-minded tribe of peers.  We believe that every woman has special gifts and talents, and that the power of a community of women working together is an unstoppable force in making the world a better place.

Using the power of positive peer support coupled with trend-setting information on topics you need to move your goals forward, we provide never-ending opportunities to explore, develop and embrace the person you want to be.  

We Put You on the Path to Achieve Your Goals

The results are a magical combination of insightful understanding and authentic, true relationships that allow you to flourish while fulfilling your aspirations. 


What The Members Are Saying...

"B.I.G. has opened so many doors for me, some I didn't even realize I was meant to open. I love this organization and the women I have met along the way!"
 -Rachel R.

"I am so glad I stepped into my first B.I.G. meeting 6 months ago.  I was hooked on the energy and support that is so freely given.  I've met so many fabulous women that may never have crossed my path.  It's truly eye-opening and inspiring!"
-Jennifer C.

"I've met some remarkable people through B.I.G.  This organization is
full of women who truly wish to grow by helping others."
- Kris L. 


Find out how B.I.G. helped Patricia Lipper, owner ofi do... i do...in Morristown, NJ, change her life and follow her dream of being a bridal shop owner!



What Does B.I.G. Offer?

As a women’s empowerment organization, we are relentlessly dedicated to helping our members discover their true life’s purpose and live happier, healthier lives.  We also know as women that when issues related to our family, our health and wellness and our home are not aligned with our professional goals, we are not able to be truly happy and fulfilled. 

That’s why, in addition to entrepreneurial skills, we offer an expansive range of meetings, events and experiences that address key issues that impact women’s lives:

     *  Family & Relationships
     *  Wellness & Self-Care
     *  Home

What Does This Mean for Me?

  • Personal Connections.  We provide numerous opportunities to make connections at local meetings and regional special events. There's no shortage of interaction with like-minded women at B.I.G.
  • Collaborative Environment.  What distinguishes us from our competitors is that we don't compete.  We share and exchange information to learn from and help each other succeed. 

  • Cutting-Edge Information.  At B.I.G. we're dedicated to helping you get the most current information and resources you need from each other and our top business sponsors, advisers and partners. 

Who Should Join?

  • Women seeking something "more" in their lives, personally or professionally.

  • Individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Problem-solvers who don't accept status quo solutions to life situations.

  • Women who want to set a positive example for their daughters.

  • People who want to overcome the obstacles they face to achieve a more fulfilling and happier way of life.




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